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  • Iowans for Shaw Announces King and Ganske to Co-Chair Campaign for Congress

    Shaw Touted as Conservative Who Can Win Swing District in November


    An Advocate for Iowa


    Support a Conservative and Advocate for Iowa


    Learn how he plans to keep the 3rd District Conservative

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  • I think Monte Shaw would be an excellent representative. He's grounded in conservative values, works hard, and even more important, is a man of character and integrity.

    - Brent Hoffman, Distinguished Former Military Officer & Author of "Life After"
  • "Monte is very conservative & thoughtful towards all Iowans. It is clearly evident that Monte has great passion for the people of southwest Iowa. As a farmer, I know I can count on Monte to represent the rural farmers throughout the 3rd district"

    - Bob Benton, Fremont County Delegate
  • "Monte speech at the Polk County GOP Convention had the best overall message by far. He showed, once again, that his command of the issues is well beyond bumper sticker slogans and he clearly has what it takes to win in both June and November"

    - Grant Menke, Polk County Delegate
  • "Monte stood out in a crowded field today demonstrating why he will be the most effective representative for the 3rd district. Monte will bring common sense conservatism to Washington DC and will unify the party. I am honored to support Monte Shaw for Congress"

    - Adam Freed, Dallas County Delegate
  • Monte Shaw will work aggressively for your vote to represent the voters of Iowa's 3rd Congressional District. The June 3rd primary will showcase Monte's plan to "right the ship." He will listen, he will share, he will lead, and he will be a trusted voter for your interests in the "big arena." In high school, he sought out the political impact of the history book and has continued this interest with a passion ever since. I saw his interests from a very close viewpoint because I was one of his teachers in the Shenandoah Community Schools. Monte Shaw at a young age of "41," but "OF AGE" in the battles of politics, is the candidate to go against the Democrats in November.

    - Duane Rexroth, Shenandoah, Iowa
  • I know the district well. Not just any Republican can win this toss-up district in November. Monte has proven he can unite Republicans and attract independents with his thoughtful approach to policy. More importantly, if we’re ever going to end the debacle of Obamacare, we need leaders in Washington who can get things done. There are plenty of folks in DC who rail against Obamacare. We need leaders who can actually get the abysmal policy removed and replaced with real reform that will control costs while maximizing consumer choices. There is a fiscal crisis looming if we don’t get the debt under control. Monte understands that.

    - Dr. Greg Ganske, Former Third Congressional District Congressman & Harvard Trained Plastic Surgeon
  • I’ve known Monte since he moved to Panora in 2005. He jumped right in and went to work helping Republicans at the local level. He had been in top jobs in Washington but chose to return to Iowa and wasn’t too big headed to get his hands dirty working the grassroots. Given his 20-plus years of advocating for conservative candidates and causes at the local, state, and national level, I was proud to nominate him for the Republican Party of Iowa’s State Central Committee in 2008 and I am proud to support his campaign for Congress today.

    - Jon King, Conservative Grassroots Activist
  • As a trusted conservative and a caretaker for Iowa's advantage as a renewable fuels leader, Monte Shaw is well positioned to be a contender and proven commodity as a candidate for the Republican nomination in the 3rd district. I've known Monte for close to twenty years and admire his hard work, attention to detail, and his focus on his family. As a southwest Iowa native and well connected grassroots Republican, Monte would serve the third district with honor and distinction.

    - Ed and Jen Wallace, Urbandale, Iowa
  • Monte is a tireless worker on issues that matter to all Iowans. His commitment to Iowa farmers and to rural and urban economic growth is second to none. Through his efforts to promote, protect and advance the renewable fuels industry, Monte has helped engineer a vibrant and growing Iowa economy in the face of one of the worst recessions in U.S. History. He has and will continue to use his work ethic, common sense, strong communication skills and a wide variety of experiences to know what it takes to generate economic growth across the entire economy and will be able to translate that into positive action for all Iowans in Congress. His track record has proven that out over his successful career.

    - Grant Kimberley, 6th generation Iowa Farmer
  • When I first heard Monte Shaw was considering running for Iowa's 3rd District US Congressional Seat my first thought was, this is a person I can support because I have seen him not only in the public arena, but also in the private arena, and what you see in public is what you seen in private. Monte is a man of integrity, grounded in faith, family and country. Knows how to listen and lead. We need Monte in Washington DC to represent Iowa.

    - Cheryl Castile, Panora, Iowa